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iCashFlow™ Introduction

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iCashFlow™ is a software for households and small-businesses that need to trace where and when cash Flows goes in and out.

Are you striving to follow up how your budget and your family's plans can be met? Are you all the time wondering!!! How can I complete the month without running out of money? Do you need help with similar issues and feel that you do not have enough experience to manage it.

iCashFlow™ is a simple and easy-to-use tool that will help you sort out your financial issues and track your cash flow activities on daily basis.

No matter what currency you use, simply enter your cash payment and receipt transactions and iCashFlow™ will prepare all your reports like Income/Expenses, Deficit & surplus, and more. Using the simple and powerful search in iCashFlow™, you can at any time know when your cash was earned, invested and where it was spend.